1.1.03 - 2.6.03

Hiya! I'm still working out the design bugs in the noframes pages.... All the content is in there, the layout's just a wee bit funky.  Please bear with me!! Lots of new folks on the petition, and some new thoughts about the concert.... We're workin' away behind the scenes here, trying to make it a reality.... Keep those positive thoughts flowing our way!!

Just over a week till the International Day for Peace! Millions of people, all over the globe, raising their voices for peace..... It'll be a beautiful thing.  Are YOU getting out there?! Check out some info on how you can promote peace and support the Goos. 
Myshele :-)

Greetings, PeaceGoos! I have FINALLY revamped the non-frames portion of the site, so you netscape users out there can see all the latest content now.... Made a snazzy new intro page -- in case you didn't see it, here it is! Added some names to the petition, and also posted a brand-new Question of the Month about protests.... Know which one you're going to yet?? If not, I made a detailed list of all the peace events I could find -- almost one in every state! -- along with contacts. More info about the PeaceGoos going here. We've got a pretty good group for NYC, but the more the merrier! If you're interested in joining us, or if you're going to an event in another city, please let me know!! (DreamTooLoud @ aol . com) I'm trying to keep track of where folks will be, so I can help people with networking if necessary. Less than two weeks away! Let's see how many fans we can get out in the streets for peace!!
Myshele :-)

The fans for peace list has magically morphed into a brand-new petition.... Who wants to see the Goos at at the Peace on Earth Concert?! If you haven't signed the list yet, get your browser over there!! Folks on the petition will get first dibs on tickets ;-) We're working hard with PlasmaChannel to make this thing a reality.... Meanwhile, remember to get out to a protest on Feb. 15th to show your support. My respect to anyone who watched the Charade of the Union address the other day without smashing their TV. I guess the Shrub thinks we're all as brainless as he is.  But we're not. And we won't sit by and let him plunge our country into World War Three. 
Myshele :-)

Some new folks added to the list today.... And some big news! Fans for Peace is gonna team up with Diane Ele, the organizer of plasmachannel's World Peace Concert -- she's trying to get the Goos to play in the concert, and we're trying to find peace stuff that will interest the fans. Perfect! If we can show the Goos -- and their management -- that the fans are willing to support peace, there's a very good chance that they'll do the show. They played the Democratic convention in 2000 to try to prevent Bush from becoming president, and we know they support peace.  So it's more important than ever to show YOUR support! How cool would it be to see the Goos on stage at the Concert for World Peace?! Would you go to that show?! Let us know what you think!!
Myshele :-)

1.26.03 (part II)
just revamped the navigation on the site.... hope the new pages make it easier for you to find what yo're looking for :-) I also noticed that Carol-Anne's back and she's been doing some updating on some pages -- thanks, CA!
Myshele :-)

The world is really getting out there on this peace issue.... Four busloads of human shields left from London yesterday, ready to drive across Europe and into Iraq to protect civilians.  Protests and vigils and marches going on all over the place.  Tomorrow, there will be a crowd gathered at the UN for the news from the inspectors.  Maybe we really CAN turn this thing around! There is a mass-mobilization planned for February 15th, with focal points in NYC, San Francisco, and other big cities around the world.  There will also be smaller events in dozens of cities. We're hoping to get as many Goo fans as possible out that day, representin' for our boys.  If you can get us a picture of you at a protest, we'll make sure the guys see your picture :-) How? Click here for details! See you in the streets!
Myshele :-)

Been kinda busy lately.... New job, new school.... But I just wanted to letcha know I haven't forgotten about this site! I went to the HUGE peace march in DC last weekend -- 250,000 people -- absolutely amazing. I've got photos and a short essay about it posted on my personal website, madmyshele.com. Check it out! While I was at the march, I saw some folks with a sign that said "Parrotheads for Peace." And I thought, if Jimmy Buffet fans can get out there to stop this war, Goo fans can DEFINITELY get out there too! There's another big peace demonstration scheduled for NYC Saturday, February 15th. More info on unitedforpeace.org. I would really like to get a small group of Goo Fans For Peace out there. A lot of people have never been to a big peace rally before, and now is a perfect time to start! We here at Fans For Peace can help you find bus transport from your city, hook you up with some cool folks to hang out with during the march, and answer any questions you might have about peace demos. We've even got some ideas for Goo-inspired signs and banners to carry. I'm working on a special page with all the details, which will be up soon. If you want more info NOW, please e-mail me! DreamTooLoud @ aol . com.
Myshele :-)

Hiya! Brand-new peace poetry page added today, on the suggestion of Mo -- thanks!! Lotsa cool stuff on there for inspiration :-) If you have something you'd like to contribute, please send it on over! Also, I just added a new photo of Robby flashing a peace sign at the new year's show.... Check it out here! That's about all for today.... Remember that Martin Luther King Jr's birthday is coming up at the end of the month -- not only did he work tirelessly for human rights, but also for peace. There are a lot of events happening around the country during the week before and the Monday of MLK Jr. Day (January 20th). You can check out protest.net or unitedforpeace.org to see if anything's going on in your city.... And if not, why not organize something?
Myshele :-)

Happy New Year everyone! As Robby said last night at the Chicago show, "let's hope we have a peaceful new year." I've added two new things today.... The Goos speaking for peace on the Speak page, and two new photos of the Goos flashing peace signs on the See page. Check it out! Also, it's not too late to give your thoughts about December's Question of the Month -- we're gonna leave it up through January. If you've recently sent your name in for the list, please be patient.... Those e-mails go to Carol-Anne, and she seems to be taking a little vacation or something.... Hopefully her computer hasn't died again! But we'll get your stuff posted soon :-) Hope you're having a wonderful start to 2003!

Myshele :-)

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