6.29.03 - 8.31.03


A few additions to the Goos Speaking Out page - including a rockin' interview with Robby and John reading some Political Panties for Peace on stage! Also, lots of new members (now 136!) & some answers to the Question of the Month! Stay tuned for September's question, coming up this week!

Fans For Peace Book Club News: running a little late, but better late than never! Over the next week, we're doing a contest to win a copy of the next FFPBC Book, AUTOGRAPHED by the Goos! All you have to do is read the current book (Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sarder & Merryl Wyn Davies) and come up with what you think are the three most important messages the book has for Americans. Either post your thoughts on the message board, or e-mail them to DreamTooLoud @ aol . com - and on Sept. 6th we'll have a vote for the best entry. So get readin'!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


The merch has finally been 100% updated with the new URL! There are also some rockin' NEW items - journals, a "trucker" hat, a new lunchbox, and lots of new stickers! Plus, all summer items (tank tops, etc.) are on sale! So check it out before the summer tour ends!

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Bit of housekeeping around here today.... Some photos added to the newly-reorganized gallery.... Now maybe faster-loading?? Also some interesting writings from fans speaking out, and folks added to our ever-growing membership - now 129!! The message board is doing really well, lots of fantastic people posting all sorts of great stuff..... If you haven't seen it lately, check it out!! And we're almost finished re-designing the merch with the new website, along with some spiffy new products for your capitalistic enjoyment..... Have a GOOreat week!

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Just a quick update for ya with some fresh pics! On the left, an awesome new banner by Chelsea, brought to the Indianapolis show.... In the center, Robby flashin' a peace sign at the Bristow, VA show.... On the right, one of the signs I made for the Today Show. Shannon and Edrick were kind enough to display it during the show, and afterwards they got it autographed by the Goos! Robby even drew a Japanese flag! (his wife is Japanese) For more great pics of the Goos and your fellow fans, check out the Gallery!! Have a GOOreat weekend!!

Remember to smile - it's the first step in changing the world :-)

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


The show in Hartford on Monday was awesome, and the Famous Pink Banner made an appearance at its fourth concert! We got lots of big smiles and peace signs from Robby and John when they saw it (looking extra cool in the blacklights, I might add) and folks who had no idea what it was were asking about it :-) We managed to see Robby very briefly after the show. He said it's great what we're doing, and to keep it up! We'll have pics soon :-)

Now that they're done with the BJ tour and headlining again, it's a perfect time for YOU to bring a sign or banner to a show!! You can even get some free stuff out of it! Click here for details :-)

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Quick tidbit for ya - a rockin' interview with John from last summer where he talks about how the current state of affairs is "a dirty situation and it's a covert coup d'etat that happened in our own country." He also talks about staggering corporate greed, the "fragility of being alive in a complicated world," and his desire to open his big mouth! Check out the interview here!

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Lotsa news about the site today..... First off, tons of fresh new images for you to check out in the gallery -- including screen captures from the Today Show, protest pics from fans, and some new pics of our favorite guys flashing peace signs!

If you're interested in some rockin' political commentary by a fellow Goo fan, check out our brand-new column by Mariann! Then you can head over to the message board with questions and comments for her!!

We also have a new Question of the Month for ya, along with people's thoughts from last month. And plenty of new submissions from fans, including some fantastic song lyrics by a talented musician in Los Angeles (rare, I know!)....

Finally, a fantastic incentive to get involved with the Fans For Peace Book Club.... The next book is A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn -- and we've got a copy autographed by the Goos!! At an autograph session in NYC last week, we told them all about the book club, and they thought it was great! We also gave John a copy of this book, so he can read it with us..... How can you nab this one-of-a-kind prize?? Check out the Book Club page for details.....

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Lots of new submissions to the site!! Thank you to everyone who's joined, and welcome! I'll be adding your stuff tonight....

A lot of people have been asking about the necklaces I got for Robby & Miyoko, which were requested last week by John and Mike, so here's a picture. They're dog tags, with this image on the front and various peace-related quotes engraved on the back. You can get them at Can-Am Dog Tags if you're interested :-)

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


The Today Show yesterday was awesome! While most of the news throughout the morning was about war and death and corruption, we had a fantastic crowd of peacegoobers out there - at least 30! And we definitely got noticed by the Goos - John and Robby both flashed peace signs during the sound check, pointed to our signs, waved, and smiled at us. Then, on today's Tour Diary, they wrote:

GUTTERFLOWER TOUR DIARY. . . . . . . .busy day yesterday. . . . . . last couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind actually. . . . . . . a BJ/GGD show in Pittsburgh followed by a charter jet to NYC for the oh so early to rise TODAY show. . . . .and y'all rose early, fans outside at 5:10 am when we arrived LOTS OF FANS !!!!!!. . . . . thanks to the GGD FANS FOR PEACE for making their presence known to the whole country for us (some positive vibes might offset the disturbing images on our television as of late). . . . . .

HUGE thank-you to all the fans for peace who came out, especially with your awesome signs, banners, and t-shirts!! Sorry I can't list you all here, it was a long night for me and I can't remember the names of everyone I talked with! But you know who you are :-)

me & Rockin' Robin before the show

the Goos during sound check

Nicole, Kristin, Rose & me during the show

me, Kathy, and another fan whose name I can't remember, after the autograph session

At the afternoon autograph session, John said to me, "you guys are awesome" and Robby and Mike agreed. They enjoyed receiving the gift bags and the collage, and when I explained that Howard Zinn's A People's History of America is the next book in the Fans For Peace Book Club, John said "Cool!"

Check out the full report and all the photos!!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Just received some new pics! Hot off the presses from Jade and Mo (below).... A pair of rockin' banners, proudly displayed at the Toronto show, July 17th!

Awesome protest photos from Carmen (left) at the San Antonio peace march, Feb. 15th! Recognize those cute guys on her shirt?

Speaking of shirts, check out John's shirt at the recent Detroit show! It says LOVE, and if you look closely, there's a peace sign in the O! Thanks for the tip, Ree! (photo from absolutegoo)

For all the pics, check out the gallery!


Welcome to the new domain!! Please forgive any problems, we're working things out..... Lots of new stuff to come!


TONS of news this week!! First, and most exciting..... During the show in Denver last Saturday, John saw a Fans For Peace sign in the audience, and said "we have been seeing you guys everywhere, isn't there a site you can go to?" The lucky sign-holder was our very own Gutterboy from the FFP message board, and he informed everyone about our website! Turns out John has seen the site and likes it! Thanks for kicking off the banner project on the summer tour, Gutterboy!

Before the Toronto show yesterday, Robby flashed Jade and Mo peace signs, and John pointed out their banners to his neice and waved. Go Jade and Mo!! During the show, John said "you guys are lucky to be Canadian right now," along with some other political comments - which has sparked some interesting debate all over the fan community! It's wonderful to see people talking about this stuff on the non-political fan boards! Thanks, Goos, for bringing it up!

Meanwhile, OUR message board is hoppin'!! Check it out if you haven't seen it lately! In addition to some great discussions, we've got a new Fans For Peace Book Club, an idea launched by Shelly, named by Judy, and enthusiastically taken up by our board posters. The first book is Why Do People Hate America? by Ziauddin Sarder & Merryl Wyn Davies. Grab a copy at your local library or independent bookstore and post your two cents, too! We've got a very special treat in store for book #2.....

There will be at least a few Fans For Peace at the Oxygen show on Monday, hope you guys enjoy yourselves and flash lots of peace signs on TV!!

Looks like the big party's gonna be on Friday at the Today Show! As an extra bonus, there will be an autograph-signing session at a music store in NYC at noon..... Come for the Today Show, stay for an autograph and meet the Goos face-to-face! What could be better?

There are a few more things I'll be adding tomorrow, so stay tuned......

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Remember, just one more week to get your submissions in through the site and your posts up on the board for the big monthly drawing..... Your chance to win a Fans For Peace prize pack with poster flats, stickers, a guitar pick, and more!! The drawing will be on the afternoon of July 12th. Check out the get involved page for details :-)

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


A bit of informational type stuff for ya today.... Not really news since it's been out there awhile, but this is the first time I've seen a lot of this stuff, so it might be news to you too!!

You might have seen the link on googoodolls.com for Musicians United..... If you go to their website, it's a bit tough to figure out what it's all about, but persevere and there's some cool stuff in there. Turns out it's a group in Western New York that calls itself "the most unique pop culture and youth benefit project on the planet," with members like the Goo Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, 10,000 Maniacs, and the Indigo Girls. One of their campaigns is the War is Over Project, through which they've produced three anti-war CDs! According to their website, the Goos have done a track for the second CD, but it's difficult to figure out which one. Stay tuned as the sleuths here at FFP track it down for ya.....

The Goos also support the Future Leaders Network, a Western New York student leadership alliance. The group has won numerous awards and has some interesting projects related to violence prevention, teen issues research, environmental education, and school improvements.

In other news, we just found out there's a musicians' union - the American Federation of Musicians. It's been around for over 100 years! The Goos have been members since 1997. Check out the union's website, and keep refreshing it till you see some familiar faces on the left.....

Big thank you to Sophy from WOG for posting an article from back in March, about the launch of the SupportMusic Inititative. It's a "public service of the Music Education Coalition" and helps communities save their schools' music programs from budget cuts. You might recognize one of the two major bands supporting this project..... Check out the article, or the SupportMusic website.....

Our Goos are some busy guys, fighting hard to make the world a better place - both locally in Buffalo, and nationally! Let's show our appreciation by doing some work in our own communities to make a difference.....

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


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