10.7.03 - 11.2.03


The website is finally fixed!! Our host did some upgrades and we couldn't update for over a week..... But we're BACK! With tons of news!

Ellie being interviewed by ANSWER

First off, a big gooey WELCOME to all our new peace rally friends! The rally & march in DC last weekend was awesome, attracting between 30,000 and 50,000 rockin people! Check out some pics! Our Flat Top outfits and the Big Pink Banner were a hit! We were spotted on C-SPAN and the Chicago area news, as well as a bunch of websites.... Check out the press page for details.

Thank you to Ellie for dressing like a nutcase with me and helping give the Big Pink Banner some touch-up work for its 8th event, and to Maria for coming out and chasing people down with flyers!!

Maria, Myshele, and Ellie

In other news, the message board is back up, so if the last update threw you off, go check it out!! Lots of new posts & interesting things to talk about....

The Goos are off tour right now, but there are some awesome shows happening to tide you over till they're back! The Tell Us The Truth tour features Billy Bragg, Lester Chambers, Steve Earle, and the Night Watchman (Tom Morello), and more. They've got dates along the east coast from November 7th - 24th, and are bringing attention to media consolidation, fair trade, and the fact that we're all sick and tired of being lied to! Check out tellusthetruth.org for more info or to get tickets. If you're more into the punk thing, there's Bands Against Bush. To hear some audio public service announcements from a lot of different artists, check out Rock The Vote.

Feeling creative?? MoveOn.org is running a contest to create a 30-second video that tells the truth about George W. Bush's policy failures.... This contest is sponsored by Jack Black, Moby, Michael Moore, and many other cool people. The winner gets their piece aired on national TV during the week of Bush's State Of the Union address next year! For more info, check out bushin30seconds.org.

Phew! It's amazing how much news can pile up in just a week.... But get this -- Fans For Peace has been around for almost a YEAR!! Can you believe it?! The idea was born in Poughkeepsie at Halloween, and the website launched on November 17th..... Time flies! We're gonna come up with some kind of rockin' extravaganza to celebrate.... If you have any ideas, please post 'em on the message board or e-mail DreamTooLoud @ aol . com !!!!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


MESSAGE BOARD INFO: For those of you who've noticed the weird message where the message board is supposed to be, don't worry. World Of Goo is having the same problem. Seems some hacker managed to get into the template and delete the copyright line from the bottom (where it says copyright YaBB) -- causing the board to shut down. All the other stuff should still be there, though, and we should be able to reinstall the template soon and get back to our debates. Thanks for your patience!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Interesting link I just found about music & politics - "The Big 5 Record Labels are not good for music. They built their cartel on a morass of exploitative record deals, pay for play radio, and album price fixing. They lock out any artist that rejects their terms and use their monopoly power to keep independent labels small and marginalized. Even musicians that succeed with major labels resent the unfair contracts they're forced to sign and the creative control they have to sacrifice. It's just as bad for fans: every year radio gets worse, CDs cost more, and now they're monitoring your home computer. It's way past time to end the major label death grip on radio, musicians, and everyone who likes music. The major label system has failed and it's time to build something better. We shouldn't be defensive about filesharing, and we can't be cautious about proposing new ideas. Music is screaming for us to do something."

Sound interesting? Check out www.downhillbattle.org.

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


Washington, DC costume update: for the Oct. 25th protests, we're going to be dressing up as the TV-headed people in the Flat-Top video! I've gotten ahold of ten sets of coveralls (sizes small - extra large), but anyone who wants to join in the costume thing should make their own TV head to wear with the coveralls :-)

There are more images from the Flat Top Video on the screen captures page. For more info about the protest, check out the upcoming events page!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)


TONS of updates here on the site! The official number of Fans For Peace has now passed 150!! A big, gooey welcome to all our new friends :-)

There are lots of great new submissions to the what fans are thinking page, a brand-new question of the month, a sneak peek at the next book - autographed by Robby! - in the Fans For Peace Book Club, some cool orgs to check out, and of course the message board is always overflowing with new and wonderful stuff!

October 25th there's a massive March on Washington to end the occupation of Iraq, bring the troops home, and provide money for jobs, education, and healthcare, instead of war and destruction. There will be some Fans For Peace will be in attendance.... Interested in joining us and helping carry the Big Pink Banner? Check out the upcoming events page for details!

Love & Light
Myshele :-)

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