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United For Peace & Justice - Action Without Borders
dmoz directory - Activism and Peace Work
Goo Goo Dolls Official Webring
Philadelphia Folklore Project (#173)
Chicago Media Action


October, 2003
Our banner and Flat Top costumes were spotted on C-SPAN and Chicago area news braodcasrs, and photos have already appeared on the DC Independent Media Network, O25 Photo Gallery, and also from One Eye and Mike Buck Studios. Our presence was noted in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Palm Beach Post, along with We even made it onto the pro-war weblogs Cold Fury, Terran, and Pet Bunny.


March, 2003
Our presence at the March 8th International Women's Day Convergence in DC was noted in the Washington Post the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, the Enviro-Citizens' Newsletter, and in the weblogs of Betrand Russel and Bolowolf. Photos of our banner appeared on and the Indymedia War & Peace Gallery. According to John Rzeznik, our banner also appeared on an evening news program in the DC area.


February, 2003
Our presence at the February 15th protests in NYC was mentioned in articles on the following sites:


Some interesting critiques of our group from supporters and detractors:

"OK, I laughed. So did you. Sadly, these folks were the exception rather than the rule." -Annabunny (10.03)

"Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace?!? Annabunny has a fine, fine roundup of the Saddam-supporter protests in DC this past weekend. It appears that the old-skool-Stalinist protesters have lost their grip on reality completely at this point." -Mike (10.03)

"The oddest sign I saw at the protest was: "Goo Goo Dolls fans for Peace!" which I later found an explanation for. As it turned out I got free tickets to a concert for Bon Jovi (please, no heckling, I've had enough to deal with) and the Goo Goo Dolls were the opening act. I found out the Dolls have come out strongly against the war and have been making statements via their concerts and website about the war. I thought it was an interesting coincidence between the sign and my going to the concert." -Bolowolf (3.03)


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