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This is primarily an anti-war site, but we acknowledge the Goo fans out there who believe that the war in Iraq was justified. We don't agree with them, but we believe that everyone has the right to an opinion. We'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit the site and let us know what you think!

I am a huge Goo Goo Dolls fan who has seen them in concert many time and will travel anywhere to get a glimpse of those handsome faces ;) But I must say, every time they make a RUDE statement re: President Bush or the Iraq situation, they turn me off a little bit more each time. Yes, we all have our right to "freedom of speech" and no, I am not saying they should agree with the President and his doing. But to say that he is a "MF" or things of the sort is not only offensive towards our current administration, but it also offends the hundreds of thousands of fans that support and admire President Bush, (after all, he had the courage to do what no other man has had the courage to do before: to give the Iraqi people the opportunities they deserve, not to live under a rule of tyranny and horror).

No, I do not particularly care for and/or support war. As a member of a military family, I have many relatives and friends that put their necks on the line and fight for the simple American ideals that keep this land so great: LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Did the Iraqi’s have Liberty and Justice prior to our involvement? I don't think so. I feel and pray for the lives of all the innocent people that are getting caught up in the middle of this horrible situation. But I know God will guide us through this.

It drives me absolutely up the wall to hear statements in the media from superstars that personally attack President Bush. Just because these people have the money to do so does not mean that they have the right to shove their views about how right or wrong the President is (or is not) down my throat. The only request that I am making to these people (Goo’s
included) is to respect my right as an American to believe what I want to believe. If they want to make a public statement about their personal views that is absolutely fine, just do it in a way that is professional, collected, adheres to the facts (of agreement or disagreement)… and for crying out loud, do you really have to resort to name calling??

Finally, I ask everyone to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS (regardless of your personal views on the war) PLACE your trust in God (or whatever higher deity you believe in) PRAY for the innocent people in Iraq and for the
restoration of PEACE all over the globe LONG LIVE PRESIDENT BUSH!!!!


I think that if some of you hippies would have faith in God that He will lead us through this, then it would be alot easier for you. I agree with Katie and Vic on this...we did the right thing over in Iraq. Those people have never seen what freedom is and we gave that to them. God Bless America! --Lynn

"I'm sorry but I think we should go to war The GGDs can think what they want but I support the president more than I do a band1and plus I thought the goos were a band not politicians! I support the president! George W. Bush rocks! --Vic

I don't not support peace, but to be a strong country we can't back down! I also think George W. Bush is doing a great job as president! --Katie

" I just want to share with ya'll what the Bible says about war.

Eccl.3:8: "a time for war and a time for peace"

Ps. 24:8: "Who is the king of glory?The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle."

Joel 3:9,10: "prepare a war, let the swords draw near. Beat your plowshres into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears"

Heb.11:33,34 "those who by faith conquered kingdoms,escaped the edge of the sword, became mighty in war put foreign armies to flight."

Those are just a few verses I found and I think we should all think about what they are saying. I also want to mention that there were alot of occurances of war in the Bible. God wanted to destroy the evil. I think that is what we are doing with the war going on today. We are destroying the evil and the ungodly. --Vic

webmaster's note: the bible also says things like, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and "Love Thy Neighbor." If we're in the business of destroying evil, what about the innocents that accidentally perish beside the evildoers? Perhaps we should ask ourselves that well-marketed question, "What Would Jesus Do?" If I remember my comparative religion class correctly, Jesus was all about peace and love.

To Webmaster: And if I rememeber the Bible correctly the commandment is"thou shalt not MURDER" we aren't murdering we are PROTECTING! And we are helping Iraq also. They will be alot better off when we get done. You can't seem to understand that! --Vic

In response to April's Question of the Month HELL YEAH! Because MOST Americans are smart enough to know that this war was the only choice. And MOST people support BUSH and OUR TROOPS! ATLEAST SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!! It is sad that they have to hear that there are peace protests saying that they shouldn't be fighting. That is making YOU anti- American! So yes, most of us Americans support this war because there are legitimate reasons for it and we know that the American way is to help and protect. Have a peaceful day! --Vic

I think that the peace protesters that say this war is for OIL are one...freakin' stupid, two...they are anti-American because how does that make the troops feel when they are over in Iraq fighting for freedom for the Iraqi people and you are saying that they are just over there fighting for oil! --Katie