Radical Poetry Written by Fans

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True Patriot
by chelsea

I was asked by a girl
So you hate America right?
I said "NO WAY"
I have no spite

She said then why does your notebook say
and I said look it's this way...

You don't understand what I believe
You don't understand why we need peace
I want you to understand
I really hope you can

President misleading
Listen to me I'm pleading
I hope the world comes together
And I wish most people new better
Then to kill their brothers and sisters

We shoot to kill in our military
We go to war without a reason
And you think I'm guilty of TREASON?!

I love the people most people hate
I am no better than you
And you no better than I

Please tell me why
They have to die
Because of selfishness
And America's pride

I love America
I love the World

The human race
In every place
Needs true patriots
who say....
Please listen I pray

Love your neighbor as yourself
An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind
So unbind
Your guns and join arms
For peace and love
True patriots please come


by Andie

I think I feel a draft, and it's blowing towards D.C.
and soon my friends and cousins
will be shipped across the sea
Boots will be strapped on their feet, rifles placed in their hands
and now they march to spill their blood
in the shifting Arab sands
As the Greatest Generation slips slowly towards the grave
their grandchildren are fighting
a new and red-tipped wave
A wave of wars without a cause, of ignorance and spite
so that my generation is led
unwilling to the fight
The elders always start the wars, their children go to die
so I hold my sign in protest
and ask the simple question "why?"
I found a ready answer, Bush's justice is not blind
there are always troops to move out
when there's oil left to find


by Zorina's husband

When Clinton lied....
Nobody died.
There was no recession.
Nor any stolen election.
.... it was just an erection!
Love is always better than war.
Help beat Bush in 2004.


Hail of Man
by anonymous

All the dreams that we didn't dream
All the words that didn't seem
So voiceless
I couldn't speak

The shadows grow darker
I enjoy the rain on my shoulders
On my face

All the alleyways are further
And the men there are murdered

When will our dreams be closer
And our nightmares over?

The alleyways are brighter
Where I can hear children's laughter

Wash it away
Take my blood
And let it be

In our dreams
We are free
We are slaves
To the unknown

We face our fears
And we are caught in between
The fallout scalds my eyes
Yet I am willing to sacrifice

by anonymous

Does everyone hate me now?
Do you despise me?
'Cause of what I am

Does anyone hear me?
Screaming out loud

They are wrong
They give you the twisted image of myself

Everyone screams at me now
Ignorant I scream back

You can't justify
Can't justify
Thousands more will be dead
By your own hands

Against your words
Hypocrisy is sin

I cried too
Felt pain like you
Would you still drown me in my tears?


Black Earth
by anonymous

The water is still when there is peace
And the tears run so freely
Yet they burn today
And everyday that I stand

I watch you burn an effigy of the evil that we call man
We are no longer human, the condition of this earth
The creatures of this universe

So let us pray
If we can or know how to say
The words that dare not leave my lips
Can burn like fire
Yet the coldness of the solar eclipse
Blinded by politics
Our eyes are so fixed

Realize now
Our inhumanity
Not in one town, city or place
Not one continent
But this globe
That lives and breathes the human race

So not oil I will burn
Gold I won't wear
Water I won't drink
Unless we can share
More than six times over

I swear it to be
It is true
We can be free

Like Brothers and Sisters
by anonymous

When will fear be poured on me?
I ask a simple question
And a complicated answer

I want to feel as they do
Pain that they live
Dream dreams they call nightmares

You've never seen me
Crazy I think
I feel I want to hide

From their bombs
From their guns
From their eyes that pierce through my heart

And I sleep in a warm bed
Yes I sleep at night
Walk on green grass

But they come
The demons from the past
They live in my house


vision (for the solidarity web in québec)
by myshele 4.19.01

breathing, seething, wondering, wandering
bruised and beaten minds are pondering
silent storm of false made promise
brought this situation on us
days and years and wars and tears
their lies have echoed in our ears

but now the world around us shaking
to our mother’s rage we’re waking
and through our weaving, giving, making
strangling walls are torn and breaking

in the shadows, in the corners
crouching, creeping, black-cloaked mourners
lift their eyes to skies of smoke
ashes of the walls we broke
first they fear, can’t comprehend
oppressive structured system’s end

but soon the sky begins to clear
and sweetly rising songs they hear
and through the shock and through the fear
the beaten boxes disappear

despite confusion, through illusion
newly realized ways are choosing
and one by one the mourners rise
with newfound passion in their eyes
through the mists their minds remember
fragments of some ancient ember

they start to dance on newborn feet
blessing earth with sacred beat
burning freely, strong and bright
the joy and love of mother’s light

and all together, hand in hand
we dance our peace in every land


gypsy girl
by myshele 10.22.01

some people weave their lives from golden threads
spun by servants on machines faraway
they avoid danger that may cause a tear
and weave in the way that they're told
they choose all the latest colors
and keep their eyes upon their little looms
never questioning the bars on the windows
the lives they weave flow seamlessly
smooth as silk and soft as rain
into themselves and into others
a grand monochrome tapestry
lovely for its uniformity
elegant and predictable
or ominous as a shroud?
I prefer to weave another way
I began with nothing
so I spin my thread from scraps
things I pick up along the path
choices and lessons and laughter
and should I stumble and tear a hole
I'll mend it with memories and moonbeams
no bother
wild and untidy is this life I weave
rough and unpredictable
full of bells and shiny things
but never dull
it keeps me warm on cold winter nights
and shields me from the sun
this little life I weave
conects to others on all sides
with the strongest threads you'll ever find
a great patch-work quilt
mad and formless and free
and as we live and love and wander
we will dance in our bright banner
a flag for freedom and change
and somewhere in our mad and passionate dreams
this quilt will grow
until it's large enough to warm the whole world
and spark the ordinary lives
we'll all forget our pain
and dance together in the rain
one gorgeous human tapestry
woven on the edge of a new day