How have the Goos inspired YOU to change the world??

As part of our FFP birthday celebration, fans talked about how the Goos have inspired them to change the world......

The Goos have inspired me to change the world in a different way than you might think: individually. They've shown me what a tremendous difference one person can make. It only takes the power of one person to make a difference, but when a whole bunch of "one persons" get together and become one strong voice, the impact of them all is unmistakeable.

The Goos have inspired me to change the world through self-discipline and knowledge. Because you can't just oppose something without knowing why.
They've inspired me to do every little thing I can do to make a difference... Whether it's turning off un-necessary lights in the house, to donating cans to a food drive, to protesting war and promoting peace, every little bit I can do makes a difference. That is what the Goos have taught and inspired me to do. --Jessi


I believe that Fans For Peace are making a lot of difference in the world. I know rallies or protests can make a difference, if everyone in the world that believes that there is peace out there stood up, it would be a Hell of a rally for humanity!!! I love God! I love my family! I love people! I love music! I love laughing! I love flowers! I love nature! I love creating! I love creators! I love people like the Goos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. --Nellze


Falling in love with the Goos' music has reminded me to smile more, be thankful for the little things in life, volunteer more and to stop buying CD's on ebay - i will support a band by buying from the source. I will wait til i can afford it rather than buy on ebay because it is cheaper. --Shelley


I purchased "A boy named goo" because I loved "Name". After listening to the whole CD there were many lines in the songs that related to my life. At the time, I had a major decision to make.

History: I was reading an article where John was describing his childhood. The Hair on my arms stood up!!!

My childhood: I was about 8, awoken from sleep, my mom driving the car off the front lawn, putting my Dad to bed. My Dad is an Alcoholic. I remember many nights of this routine, of course that's if the car made it home. Once, he was so intoxicated, he crashed the car, they pronounced him dead at the scene. He was zipped up in the bag. When they lifted him into the ambulance he screamed. He lived. After my mom nursed him back to health, she asked him to leave.

She got a job and volunteered at our Catholic School so we could remain there tuition free. Dad had visitation on Sundays. He usually showed up drunk, if he showed up at all. Mom wouldn't let us go when he was drunk.

The Decision: Dad showed up drunk, my daughter was 1.
Because of the Goos... My children's WORLD is a better place because they have never seen Grandpa the way I have. I told him he must choose. He chose the bottle. My children know Grandpa lives in Florida and that is why they don't see him. (He actually only lives there 3 months a year.)
Dizzy Rocked my world... Sometimes I have to skip Broadway and Acoustic #3, because they are so close.

I started reading Neruda after I saw the movie Patch Adams.

I knew a homeless woman once. Well, she wasn't actually homeless. Social Services provided her with an apartment, but she chose to live in the street. My girlfriends and I would give her coffee and food. We bought her a blanket and a coat. I heard "the boys" talking about how they named Gutterflower and thought hey I have a gutterflower... I was so moved.... and I also thought, I have that poem some where... took me 2 days to find the book. lol

How the goos inspired me to change the world:

The homeless woman had Alzheimer's. I joined the board of directors of the Alzheimers foundation in my home town. I have also had my daughter join the Youth Board of Director's. I have chaired many events to raise money for this organization. I have trouble taking about myself. (can't believe I have given you so much info about me)

I am also involved in Rotary International. What a great organization.

I am drawn to this band because of their philosophy that they have been blessed with a higher good. They always give back... I feel the same way. My childhood was tumultuous, but I have been blessed later in life.. I have a wonderful husband (together 18 years) 2 healthy children...

So many of their songs have made me say hey you can do it....



Because of the things that I've dealt with in my life I can really relate to the Goos and their music. When I'm down I listen to them and I feel less pessimistic about life. The ability to change yourself completely affects your
ability to change the world. But before I get into the details of how the
Goo Goo Dolls have inspired me I'd like to tell you a little bit about

I've had my share of ups and downs. As a child I had a very difficult time; I never knew my father and my mom was on welfare. I was often picked on because of that. I also had some god-awful experiences that no child should go through, ever. The memories of those events still haunt me, although I can deal with them a lot better than before. Anyway because of all those things I grew to become a very angry, depressed kid. I spent many years in therapy, and was even sent out of state to a mental health center.

At that point, I was so cynical and bitter towards life. I hated everyone, but most of all I hated myself. Sometimes, when bad things happen to you, you blame yourself. During that period of my life I really grew to love the Goo Goo Dolls. I had always liked their music a lot, but I began to truly relate. My favorite song was "Black Balloon." For a long time I had no idea what the song meant, but after I read it was about drug addiction and depression, I understood why I felt such strong emotions when I heard it. For me, "Black Balloon" is a reminder to take care of myself so no one will ever have to write a song like that about me.

I remember reading an issue of Teen People when I was in the treatment center. It was John Rzeznik's mini-autobiography where he talks about his past. As I was reading it I felt so sad for him, because he had to go through so much at a young age. The death of his parents- it just seemed so unfair for a kid to have to deal with that. Just like what had happened to me was unfair. And like him, I reacted to my pain in ways that I shouldn't have. At the end of the article he spoke about how he had finally been able to let go. When I put down the magazine I felt such intense hope. I thought, "Hey, if John Rzeznik can find closure, I can too!" Of course, finding closure wasn't easy at all. In fact, part of me is still looking for it. But at least I'm looking. It shows I've remained optimistic.

Not only was he able to let go, but he's achieved his goal of being a musician. While I don't have the goal of being a rockstar, I do want to make the world a better place through activism. I have always been interested in social and political issues (blame it on my background) but I have even more confidence that I can make a difference because of the work the Goo Goo Dolls are doing right now. When I read interviews with them they often downplay their activism- but if they hadn't spoken out against the current war situation there wouldn't be this lovely online community. This leads me to believe that every little bit counts! Throughout all their struggles they've managed to come out on top (this includes emotional struggles such as the ones Johnny experienced, and the struggle to become a successful band).

When I get pessimistic about the situations I'm in, I can always look at the Goo Goo Dolls as a prime example of how faith and determination can help you succeed. Whether that's putting painful memories behind you or holding onto to a dream.

That's my story - one last thing though. I LOVE YOU FANS FOR PEACE & GOO GOO DOLLS!!!!!! *hugs* YOU GUYS RULE!!!!