What if the Goos were politicians??

As part of our FFP birthday celebration, mailing list members gave their thoughts on this question: If Johnny, Robby, and Mike were politicians, what would their jobs be and in what states/cities?

I think all three of them would be the 3 mayors of Buffalo, New York, because that's where they're from! They seem to always go back to their hometown during every tour, so I'm sure they're still grounded about where they came from. I'm sure all of Buffalo would LOVE to have them run their city too! --Sunny


robby would definately be in buffalo,ny since it is obvious he loves his hometown and i feel he wants to support the people who live there and make it a diverse and accepting city for all kinda of creative expression. ambassador of good vibes! his role- local activist.

john, close by his hometown, but in a city where he can get lost in the crowd. he would do something that when he was finished it left something positive behind in new york city. his role- head urban and building development.

mike i some how see in florida. keeping low under the political radar, but poping up every once in a while to make a bold statement.

i can't really see them as directly politicians, but they already express their views and robby especially, i feel he wants people to get involved and think for themself about what's going on the world. --fataldistraction


Johnny would be Governor of New York,Robby would be Mayor of New York and Mike would be Senator of New York. --Judy


After thinking about this most of the day I turned to my 13 year old son...
Johnny: Would have to be in Buffalo, I think he would take a strong stand in music in the schools... So he would be on the Board of Education.
Robby: Also Buffalo, being he loves kids also and art, I would like to think he would be working with education also pushing for more art galleries.
Mike: Miami... working with youth sports, getting kids out and doing exercises. --Trish (AngelGoo)


Robby: I see Robby as the mayor of Buffalo or possibly a town counselor type position... he is more about saving home... and doing good for the city he loves...

John: I see as more of a lobbyist, someone who would push for things to get done but not necessarily have the direct control to do them.... someone who would be a staunch backer of important issues such as music in school and education reform in general... he is a big supporter of the arts, and I see that as something he would aim for, a way to help that... I see him possibly becoming a bigger person within the ASCAP community as well... I see him working on more of a national level at whatever he's doing...

Mike: it's hard to see Mike in a political position, but maybe I can see him doing something important for National Parks, and maybe also pushing for music in education... but then he is big into historical buildings, so maybe he would be working with saving historical landsites as well as Parks and such... I'm not sure where that puts him politically...maybe as a Senator, and most likely in his home state of TX. --Rose


Robby would be in Buffalo - on the mayors' team to revitalize the city (I don't know technically which job that would be)

Mike would work for the Park and Rec dept. Organizing the marathons and bike races... city... hmmm... not sure

John would be a political analyst hired by the Dem Committee to find the right candidate for upcoming elections... probably in Chicago or something



if johnny were a politician, he would be the governor of new york, hands down. he would help inner-city kids get a better education.

if robby were a politician... hmm.... he would be the mayor of buffalo, helping clean up the streets.

if mike were a politician, and this is a toughy... he would be just under johnny, helping raise money for school children to have a music education.