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February 2004

Love, love, love..... Love is all we need! With Valentine's Day this month, it's a great time to think about all the wonderful, beautiful things in the world. What do you love in the world? What's worth protecting and fighting for? What makes you happy and gives you hope?

The universe, planet, nature...leads us to our very own existance. greed, killing, injustice will always be present in people. the same things keep happening throughout time only with a different label, but nature is our balance. forgotten by many but effects our life every moment. something about the night air. standing outside and looking up at the stars and the moon. taking a deep breath in when all that matters is that silent moment in the calmness and beauty of things that are present everyday that we tend to overlook and take for granted. --fatal distraction


September 2003

During the Sept. 11th attacks, the Goos were finishing up Gutterflower. Do you think it had an effect on the album? What effect has Sept. 11th had on your life and the way you think about the world?

I definitely think the attacks affected the album. They affected the whole world, down to the smallest insect. For some of us, myself included, the attacks helped us find a new cause to be outraged about, either the attacks themselves or the hateful, racist, prejudice against foreigners that followed.

Personally, I don't think the attacks did not affect me much at all. (Note the contradiction from previous statement.) It's sick to say, and I admit I'm still in denial or haven't noticed how it's affected me, but right now it's the truth of how I feel. I think, on some level, the whole event just made me think about my connections with people and how those should change. I mean, what if I was inside one of the towers when it collapsed? What sort of things had I meant to tell people but never got the chance? Effectively, it just got me to open up my perspective on interpersonal relationships. --Matt

Being Canadaian, I think I had a different "reaction" to 9-11. I still have the same thoughts about the world -- things have to change! Of course I agree it was a nightmareish thing to happen. And I was shocked and upset to see it on TV. But not surprised. I don't think it effected the GOOs' songs, in that they changed lyrics. I do think it may have given them a push to put out the album and to give it that "edge" we all love. :)
Love and Peace AngelGoo


August 2003

If you could choose one thing for the Goo Goo Dolls to do to change the world, what would it be? And how would their fans be able to help?

Well, they are doing what I would like them to do. Promoting peace and not letting what other people think influence them. They have not been speaking out as much as they did last summer and I would love them to talk more about peace at their shows. When they talk about peace.... if one person thinks about what they say, that could be one more person that would be pro peace. I think the fans need to get out and speak up and show their support for peace. Not just because the goo's are pro peace, but because THEY are pro peace. We need to be leaders and let everybody know that it's ok to want a peaceful world!!! --iggythecat

I think a GOOd idea for the GGD to do to change the world would be to organize and participate in a huge concert featuring a broad variety of bands (so as to reach a broader audience) and send the profits to charities. They could even have a telethon taking donations simultaneous to the concert! Fans could help by buying tickets and making donations to support it all! --Becky

I don't have any ideas for "changing the world" right now, but here in America I would like to see the band continue to encourage people to get involved in polotics and VOTE. I think a big problem is people still don't think their vote matters. I would like to hear the GGD say "Get educated about the candidates and then vote." And for the fans who are too young to vote they might still have an opinion, the band could encourage them to speak to adults about their concerns. Perhaps fans could set up Voter Registration Booths at concerts. Maybe the band could hire an advocate to connect the fan base and try to make a change in the 2004 elections. I think this web site would be a great place to start. --Anon.


June/July 2003

With just over a year until the 2004 Presidential elections, campaign season is gathering speed. There are so many problems in the US and around the world, it can be overwhelming.... But what do you think are the most imporant issues for politicians to focus on during their campaigns?

I think that the politicians, during their campaign, should definitely focus on acually showing us, not just telling us, what changes they would like to make while being President. I think it's important to know for sure that our President is going to live up his promises or statments. I mean, if we don't trust them completely, what good is that going to do?? --Rachel

Everything! War, Politics, Peace, police brutality, poverty, childern....

how they are going to fix this problem over seas and the economy that is suffering because of it! --melissa