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April/May 2003

Many news reports are saying that 70% of Americans support the war on Iraq. Knowing that statistics can be manipulated, do you think this figure is accurate? Why or why not? What is the political atmosphere where you live?

I would like to see if their "sampling" was actually "random" or not. I don't beleive that this is a true reflection of the opinions of ALL Americans. If you delved into their research methods, I think you'd find a lot of discrepancies. And, as someone else said here, I think that some people don't want to say that they are against the war for fear of sounding like they don't support the troops.

I've wondered the same thing. Maybe they are asking republicans only. That number has to be wrong. Although, a lot of people don't understand that you can be against a war and still support the troops. So they may say that they support the war so they don't look like they're not supporting the troops.

I live in a very consrvative city - Lots of "I support the president" bumper stickers. Makes me kinda sick. I am not one to go with the flow.... now or ever. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The problem is, people are afraid to be different and speak out.

Well, I would like to know who they asked, because I wasn't one of the people.

If the question was "Now that we're there, should we finish the job or pull out?", then I have no doubt that 70% would say finish the job. That isn't exactly the same as saying that you support the war.

I KNOW that 70% did not support starting military action without the support of all our allies and the United Nations.

The political atmosphere where I live? HAHAHAHAHA!!! I live in Houston. Party central for Big Oil and hometown of the Bush clan. I work at a small company where I'm the only Democrat. Thank goodness I have my own office.
--Lady Goodiva

It could very well be accurate and it could very well not be. Honestly, it's really hard to say whether I think it's precise or not. I know many people who are in favor of war, I know many who aren't, and I know plenty who are neutral.

The political atmosphere in my town is pretty much an "I just don't care because it's not my problem and I don't want to get involved" type of attitude, which, needless to say, frustrates me to no end. You should care - it's your country, your home, it's your fellow Americans who are fighting for YOU. So get off your lazy bum, get informed, support your troops, speak out, let the Government know you have something to say - and that's important.

I encourage everyone to form an opinion.  I encourage everyone to get involved. I've been speaking out in my town - I just hope at least 1 person has been listening to me. I love the GGDs, I support them all the way. They've taught me something, they've inspired me.  =)  

Get inspired! Peace & Rock on!!  <3


February/March 2003

What do you think is accomplished by going to peace events? (i.e. marches, rallies, demonstrations, protests, etc.) Have you ever gone to a peace event? If so, why did you go? If not, why not?

I've never been to a peace event but I think it influences people's opinions. --Melissa


December 2002

Do you think there is a connection between capitalism or consumerism and war? If so, what is the nature of that connection? If not, how are they separate?

I think, of COURSE there is a connection. Why do you think that we are so worked up over Iraq and the Middle East? The answer is simple. OIL. A large amount of our oil comes from the Middle East. The government intervenes over there to protect our oil interests. --Ellie

In today's world, capitalism *is* war. It's not always about dropping bombs on people. War is also about humiliating people, taking away their livelihood and history, taking away their land and subjugating them in the name of "progress." The children who make Gap clothing 16 hours a day in Honduras are victims of war; the children who sell their bodies in Thai brothels because their families can't afford to feed them are victims of war; the children who die of dysentery in Iraq because of U.S. trade sanctions are victims of war.... But there's also a more direct connection. The U.S. supplies weapons and training to other countries who have decided to engage in "small-scale" warfare. Our tax dollars pay for the widespread massacre of people in Africa, South America, India, and all over the world. But even that's not enough for our bloodthirsty leaders, who are desperate to be the biggest bullies on the planet. So now we're putting ourselves in even more danger with the pretense of homeland security. Remind me again, who are the terrorists? --Rachel