What Fans are Thinking

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I think war is wrong for one thing I think it makes the situation over at the middle east worst and also innocent people have to die for no good reason I think we should try to solve things without war like the saying goes violence never solves anything and I think that is very true I haven't keeping tabs on the war at all I think it is too sad and also kind of scary I am twenty-five years old and never fought in my life because I believe in talking out problems and if that doesn't work I try something else I think we need more peace and love in the world more than war so I support the goo goo dolls and all the fans for peace and if there was anything i could do in my home town of syracuse new york please someone let me know and by the way I love the goo goo dolls i think there awesome well anyway got to go if anyone wants to contact me that will be fine have a nice day PEACE --Angela

I very much support the Goos for speaking out. Thanks for the great site! PEACE --Sammi

I cant believe i've only just found this site! it combines my two loves, my friends at school make fun of me for being so political, phew, finally somewhere i fit in! --Laura English

Keep Rockin' For Peace! --Laura

peace rocks. --Christina

I love the Goos and basically I am really tired of the war!!! --Rachel

war sucks........peace rocks yay for world peace!!!!! great site! --jessica

This is a great site and it's for a great cause :) --Sarah

DUDE!!! FFP rocks!!! I am a big GGD fan and i support peace so i am happy to see such an organization! --Jenny

Thank you for informing us on these important issues!! --Lauren

How can we, as a nation, be SO completely focused on foriegn affairs, that we forget the needs of our own people? In our very heartland, I have met countless Americans who live in poverty, without running water, heat, windows, and other necessities. If the government cannot take adequate measures to ensure the well-being of ALL of its people, then it has no place in controlling another country's citizens. --megan

I dont see why people don't vote in the first place. I mean, they have the chance to pick people that are cutout for a certain job, why wouldn't they when they have the chance?? I'm sure if they could pick a new boss they probably would! --Sam

Even though I'm not American, I think what President Bush is doing is very wrong, killing innocent people for their "freedom." They had their own ruler to keep over them, he may have not done a great job (he did a terrible one!) but that was his country and President Bush has his own one to rule. I believe he only went over there for the Oil as he grew up in an oil family or something of that sort. Most Americans think he's a hero, but other people around the world think he's a zero! I dont ever believe in war, the Bible is against it and this world is going to shreds literally, the Goo Goo Dolls are great for trying to do something about it, because even the smallest action could take effect. Someone has to do it. Some people may think "sure, someone else can do it." That's not right, we have to do it for the sake of our world. President Bush is only finishing what his Dad meant to do. That's my opinion, curse me, agree with me, whatever. I'm entitled to an opinion like everyone else! --maria, ireland