What Fans are Thinking

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I think that we can do something to solve our differences other then war. I mean haven't we had enough casualities already? --Sheri

When it's all about money, and the things that you need, live a big lie and they all believe, now I just find that somehow obscene. --Lisa

I think peace is the main thing this world needs. all my life i have dreamed of a happy world filled with nature and love and no violence. it doesn't seem as if it'll happen any time soon. i don't know why the american people have allowed ONE single man to rule us while there are so many other precious non-violent minds out there with an actual cause for peace. i wish i could take the world and put it in my pocket so it'd be cleared of all harm. i think we could make a treaty for peace. i hope we can. or make a petition personally handed and read aloud publicly to bush so he can see that we as a people are serious in stopping this war! --brittany

I'm 16. normally when people meet me, they think I'm just another dumb kid that stands for nothing and belives in nothing. They're wrong. I'm not an anarchist, but I do not believe in this so called government that is ruining our country. It's all about money and where they can get more. They lie, steel, manipulate, and they punish us for thier screw-ups, so why go fight and die for a country that wont fight and die for you? Why give in to their demands and forget your own? If we don't let them get away with thier bull shit, and take a stand worth taking, then they can't get away with it anymore. but we all have to stand together and fight for what is right, and not what is popular. For you older people in high positions... take a stand. war is bad, a crooked government is bad, taking the hard earned money from the working community is aweful. Don't let them get away with it. We can all make a difference if we ALL just take a stand... --kaitie

pro-peace! love you goos'... you guys are awesome in every way! --lauren

I totally support Peace, and the Goo's. --Alicia Green

give peace a chance... --kathy post

i think the only reason is, if we go to war is bush is down in the polls and needs his american public behind him. Well i think thats stupid! HELLO get a grip, why do we need to go to war...to bush to prove he's a MAN well i got your man right here! we don't need war...we need to look out and take care of home first and then whoever comes next. let bush spend his money on feeding the homeless and taking care of the homeless in america before he goes off to bomb or start a war with some other country, home is where the heart is! PEACE OUT AND KEEP IT LITE. --tonja barry

i love these guys... their heads are screwed on properly, that's for sure. --lynzee

it's great that the Goos' aren't afraid to speak out and bring awareness to the HUGE bunch of Goo fans out there. i'm 100% behind them and i will always support alternatives to any kind of war. --stephanie