Virtual Interview

Over the summer of 2003, Fans For Peace combined their most burning questions into a Virtual Interview for the Goos. While we were never able to conduct an official Fans For Peace interview with the Goos, Robby did answer a few of these questions in September 2003. You can read that interview here.

1) You’ve said before that you feel a responsibility to share your opinions. Why do you think that talking about the issues is important, and do you think that ordinary people like your fans have any impact on world affairs?

2) Celebrities and artists speak out about "politically charged" issues all the time.... gun control, AIDS, gay rights, environmental issues, animal rights, racism, etc. -- so why do they have to fear repercussions (i.e. blacklisting, boycotting) when speaking out against war? What makes this subject different than the others? Also, why is writing an anti-war song different than actually speaking out against war? It's all freedom of speech, isn't it? Green Day, Lenny Kravitz, R.E.M., and others have recently written anti-war songs, so why do you think people aren’t “up in arms” over that?

3) A song like “Flat Top” seems to accuse the media of causing or contributing to many problems. Do you think the media has obscured or polarized the facts in current affairs? If so, how? Also, how have things changed or stayed the same since you wrote “Flat Top?”

4) Do differing political opinions get in the way of friendships within the band? If so, how do you “agree to disagree” or get past those differences? Do you have any suggestions for fans to keep the peace with others of different opinions?

5) It’s easy to complain about Bush’s damaging choices, but many of our enemies are not into diplomacy. In your opinion, what could Bush be doing differently to address the current world situation? What are some of the options he has? Also, do you think he’s being honest with the American public about his reasoning?

6) What are your thoughts on some of the post-911 changes here in the U.S., like the USA PATRIOT Act, the Department of Homeland Security, and our struggling economy? What do you think are the most important issues to focus on?

7) With all the changes going on everyday, have your opinions about war and politics changed at all? Do you feel like being on tour isolates your from world affairs?

8) The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. What do you think is the most important thing to teach our children? Also, every generation has to struggle to “come of age.” Do you have any words of wisdom for your young fans who are going through that struggle now?

9) Is the world a better place now than when you were younger? How do you guys maintain your sanity with so much madness in the world?

10) You’ve mentioned that you’re proud to see your fans participating in demonstrations and rallies. Do you have any suggestions for other ways to get involved? What else would you like to see your peace-conscious fans doing, and would you ever consider a collaborative project with Fans For Peace?

Question for John: You’ve mentioned that you want to finish your degree in political science and music theory.... What would you do with that degree? Are you interested in getting into some sort of political arena?

Question for Robby: Your wife is Japanese…. How has her international perspective changed your opinions? Do you see America in a different light? Also, do you think she’s treated differently because she’s not from the U.S.?

For everyone: To end on a positive note…. What are some of the positive things you see happening in the world right now? What gives you hope that we human beings aren’t going to completely screw ourselves up?