Speaking out on the Gutterflower tour

February 14, 2003 - June 13, 2003 | June 14, 2003 - January 15, 2004

2.11.03 East Rutherford, NJ
thanks diane for this report :-)
Robby flashed lots of peace signs throughout the show, a great photo of which was featured on the Feb. 12th Tour Diary. (and of course, we've got a copy in the photo gallery!)

2.10.03 Tour Diary
A wonderful shout-out from the Goos!! "A quick note. . . . . . . . .On the 15th of this month, the entire world gets a chance to express their opinions about the potential of war in Iraq. . . . . .or should we say the potential of the start of a potential world conflict. . . . . . . .please, please, please, express your opinion. . . . . . .whatever it may be. . . . . . check www.unitedforpeace.org for information on gatherings and events in your area. . . . . . . . . .you have a voice, we have a voice, let's use 'em. . . . . . . . " So get out there and make some noise!!

2.8.03 Tour Diary
Kicking off the new 11-week Bon Jovi tour, the tour diary ended with "if you've got a second, pray someone's gonna keep this world sane. . . . . . . .ok. . . . . More Tour Diary tomorrow. . . . . . . . . . .see you then. . . . . . . . Peace . . . . . . ."

1.1.03 Chicago
Partway through the show, John made a rather cryptic statement, possibly in reference to the climate of fear brought on by the media: "If we all keep thinking good things, it'll get better, and we won't all have this thing in the back of our heads about what's gonna happen tomorrow. That's been kinda bothering me lately." Robby was a bit more direct with his statements, though not quite as outspoken as he was this fall. Just before midnight, he said, "let's hope we have a peaceful new year, my friends!" At the end of the show, before the encore, he said, "a lot of weird shit is gonna happen over the next year. But all you gotta do is smile, no matter what. Just smile.... It's better than dropping bombs on people." Robby was also flashing peace signs throughout the evening.

12.31.02 Tour Diary
The last Goo Goo Dolls Tour Diary entry of 2002 ended with "have a great new years eve.....and an even better new year....question the things that seem odd and pray for peace."

12.12.02 NYC
John talked about watching CNN on his birthday while stoned, and becoming discouraged at all the talk of invading Iraq. He said all we need to do is invent some kind of nuclear pot bombs, which would render a country useless and stupid without killing anybody. Then to take over, "just line up those Domino's trucks at the Kuwaiti border and send 'em in!" He also suggested lacing the water supply with Viagra, so that nobody would think about fighting anymore. After all, "you can't fight with a hardon!" Robby didn't say anything about the war, but he flashed lots of peace signs all evening.

11.26.02 Interview
Robby spoke about the "dangerous game" in current politics, "which should make any thinking person nervous." He also tentatively shares his wishes for peace. Read the transcription here!

11.14.03 Interview
John spoke about the "democracy gap" he sees in the US, and the corporations that "run wild over human beings' lives." And while he chooses to keep his views relatively behind the scenes because "nobody wants to hear some jackass rockstar... talk about politics," he said that he will "definitely support and protect and defend people that have the chutzpah and the cajones to get out there and do it... I can throw my support behind people and help them achieve their goals." Read the rest of the transcription here!

11.4.02 Toronto
During a quiet moment Robby and Johnny started to talk to the audience about Bush. Robby started off by saying: "We profusely apologize for the buffoon running our country." The crowd started to laugh and cheer. Johnny made quotations with his hands and said that he gets scared when Bush makes generalizations: "The evil doers."

11.1.02 Foxwoods
Just before the encore, Robby stopped and said "on a serious note, our President is trying to start a war." This led to about ten minutes of discussion from John and Robby. After some negative feedback from the audience, they stressed that love for America is exactly why they *don't* want war. They also pointed out that America is great because we can have our separate opinions and all be in the same room and talk about them. John tried to lighten things up with comments about dropping marijuana and twinkies instead of bombs, and dedicated "American Girl" to the guy who had spoken most vigorously pro-war.

10.31.02 Poughkeepsie
The statement that started Fans For Peace.... After the show, out by the bus, Robby said "the President is pushing for a war, and if he gets it, the world is gonna end. We need to do something. If you all write letters, or something, we can save the world."

8.22.03 Tinley Park, NJ
quote from Lawndale News Group - thanks tammie for finding the article!
During a show, Johnny remarked, "American Idol isn't considered a game show, so the person with the most votes may not be the winner. Just like our recent presidential election."

6.20.02 Interview
Robby said, "I can safely say the [band members] are not fans of the current situation. In modern times, it's the most self-serving presidency that has ever existed.... It's unreal. They just gave themselves free reign to do anything they want. These guys are some evil motherfuckers." It was clear from the article that he spoke more about the subject, but this was the only direct quote.

6.4.02 Toronto
Johnny and Robby apologized for Bush being stupid and the audience went wild with applause.... The Goos seem more comfortable talking about Bush and his policies to Canadians.

Winter 2002 Interview
During an interview on rollingstone.com, John remarked that "cool is mass-marketed, and they sell individuality on a massive scale. It's like, we are ALL individuals, every one of us. But there's so many rules involved."

February 14, 2003 - June 13, 2003 | June 14, 2003 - January 15, 2004