Speaking out on the Gutterflower tour

June 4, 2002 - February 11, 2003 | June 14, 2003 - January 15, 2004

6.13.03 Interview
Thank-you to BuffaloGGDfan on the AG Message Board for this info :-)
During a live interview on Buffalo's WKBW Channel 7 News, Robby talked about his studio's upcoming Music As Art festival, with the theme "Left of Center" (we're not sure if that's political or not). At the end of the interview, he flashed a peace sign to the next guest, David Lander (Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley).

4.11.03 Interview
thanks to the GGD 4Ever board for this info :-)
John has spoken about politics in the past, and during an interview with the Mercury News he talked about his desire to go back to college and study political science. He also showed an interesting way of making a peace statement - he "is in the process of having [Picasso's] 1937 anti-war masterpiece "Guernica'' tattooed into his lower back." Now that's committment!

3.27.03 Buffalo, NY
Before the show, when they were going in for sound check, John and Mike saw our banner and flashed peace signs to us. During the show, John and Robby were both flashing peace signs, and afterwards Robby thanked us again for what we're doing.

3.12.03 Washington, DC
John spoke at the launch of the new SupportMusic Initiative, a program to make music an integral part of public education. For more info, click here or check out supportmusic.com.

3.11.03 Washington, DC
(Grammy Foundation / Democratic Leadership Fundraiser)
At the beginning of the show, John leaned over and pulled a Fans For Peace banner up on stage. He and Robby held the banner up for the politicians to see, and said it was great that fans are voicing their opinions. Throughout the show, Robby and John were both flashing peace signs. Robby personally said to the Fans For Peace group, "God Bless you guys, I really mean it, keep it up," and gave us all guitar picks. After the show, Mike, Greg, Robby, and John all signed the postcard below, agreeing that they don't love war! John also signed our Fans For Peace banner, and Robby said that what we're doing is great because no other band has a group like this.

Thank you, Goos, for being so positive!!

on stage at a DNC fundraiser, 3.11.03

John, Robby, Mike, and Greg don't love war!John asked to sign the banner!

3.10.03 Interview (added 4.23.03)
Robby made the following comments during an interview on maximum ink:

Interviewer: What's the one question you wish someone would ask you?

Robby: "As a matter of fact, in lieu of current events, I'd like to state my belief that there is a huge, huge tragedy about to happen in this country, and this world, that's based on a very greedy and self-serving government, and I beg everyone not to let it happen. Some very terrible shit is about to go down. [Interviewer: I take it you're referring to the impending doom of war?] Exactly. I think this is a terribly wrong thing that is happening right now, and everyone should check our current administration's motives. It's really a sad situation that we're dealing with. This is not about politics; it's a humanitarian call. I actually went out campaigning with Al Gore for months against all this, and all our fears are about to come to fruition if people don't start speaking up very loudly. My wife is Japanese and watches the news from home and I have learned that the world as a whole is not seeing things the way our government is. I don't know how they're fudging these polls because everywhere I go people seem to be against all this. A lot of people are gonna die....we need to stop it."

3.8.03 Tour Diary
The Tour Diary's been signed with "Peace" or "Peace Please" every entry for several weeks.... And there was this very positive shout-out on International Women's Day: "On our trip around DC this morning, we spotted some GGDs fans at a White House rally here in DC. . . . .they were in the crowd with a banner reading "Goo Goo Dolls Fans For Peace" . . . . . . . .God bless 'em. . . . . . .if you've got an opinion, express it, whatever it may be. . . . . . . . .don't keep 'em to yourself, let those around know your stance. . . . . . ." Thanks, Goos!!

2.14.03 Tour Diary
The day before the massive global protests, another virtual shout-out on googoodolls.com: "Peace. . . . (tomorrow's a good day to write some letters, click on the link below for details) http://www.unitedforpeace.org"

Also, lately the Tour Diary's been signed every day with "Peace." Might seem small, but it makes a BIG difference!

June 4, 2002 - February 11, 2003 | June 14, 2003 - January 15, 2004