John's Words on Corporate Domination

from 11.02 interview by Kel on Q94FM

I feel like there's this democracy gap going on the United States where
there's an erosion of the middle class, which is gonna spell big trouble. Everything is so run by a few extraordinarily wealthy corporations and I dont think that's healthy for democracy. I mean, if you look back, Hitler was very pro-business, and I think that without proper representation from unions we're gonna wind up in a two class society and that's gonna be the end of American democracy.

Right now we're at a time where these corporations are just allowed to run wild over human beings' lives. Say there's a huge corporation and they say, "well, we're laying off fifteen thousand people." But the guy who made the decision to lay of fifteen thousand people gets paid eight million dollars a year! It's like, well, why don't you take a 50% pay cut and let those people keep their jobs? Cause that's not what it's about.

Interviewer: Are you the type to get to the pulpit yourself, take it to the boardroom? Or if you did something you'd maybe just share your thoughts behind the scenes?

I'll keep it on the sly and I will definitely support and protect and defend people that have the chutzpah and the cajones to get out there and do it. But me, I mean, come on man, nobody wants to hear some jackass rockstar think he's smart or talk about politics. You have very little credibility as a spokesperson when you're in a position like me. And that's why I can throw my support behind people and help them achieve their goals, because they dedicate their entire lives to it.

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