Mike's Words on Politics and the Environment

From Splendid E-Zine February 2004

You've just been elected to the US senate. What's on your agenda legislation-wise?

Mike Malinin: Environmental issues would be way up there. I would also try to imprison those responsible for rigging the election in Florida and forcing a "president" on us that nobody voted for. Anybody remember that or care anymore? You should. Go listen to the newest NOFX CD. That way you can rock out while being educated. That way you can avoid having to read a book, which apparently nobody does anymore.

You've just won a contest in which the prize is your "dream car". What make and model of car do you choose? (And no, you can't just take the money.)

Mike Malinin: Preferably something that doesn't run on petrol. If I can't do that, then whatever is the most fuel efficient. Don't really care about cars. After all, I live in LA. The sky is brown.

You can go back in time and kill one person without disrupting the space/time continuum, creating a paradox and causing the universe to collapse upon itself. Who would it be?

Mike Malinin: Hmmmmm. I guess it might be Hitler or Stalin. But then again, my life would be more pleasant without Ben Affleck around ruining tons of perfectly good films. Jerry Falwell is always a good choice. Do I have to choose just one?

Taking into account all current political, social and economic situations, which country would you most like to be and why?

Mike Malinin: Probably Australia. Too small to be an aggressive world power. The average person seems to be more in touch with the world. Plus the place is just cool.

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