Robby's Words on Peace

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I feel like there's a really dangerous game being played by a bunch of politicians and I feel that there's things that are being unnecessarily focused on, or at least they're not explaining to us why they're focused on them. It's putting an awful lot of people in danger, not just in this country, but every country on the face of the earth. Our government's making some decisions that are creating some really volitile situations around the globe, and not giving a lot of explanation as to why they're doing it -- which should make any thinking person nervous. I just pray to God that pizzerias don't start blowing up over here too. That would really be horrible. We managed, through our policies as a country, to keep ourselves separate from most of that stuff for a really long time, and I'm hoping that we can get back to that again. Because I think were meddling in some stuff that we don't need to be involved in.

I feel a responsibility to [speak out] -- and it was really hard at the beginning because it wasn't a very popular opinion to have. But I do feel a responsibility to let people know the way I feel. I just spent many months travelling around the world talking to people about this, and not a lot of people [in the rest of the world] understand what's going on over here. There's not a lot of people who really understand the severity of the situation that we seem to be presenting to everyone. But, once again, that's my opinion. And I've been criticized for having that opinion, but once again, that's my opinion.

My wish for the world? My wish for the world is too unrealistic for me to even say, really. My wish for the world is that we can just not worry about things like that, not worry about struggles and wars and things like that. But I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. But that's my wish.

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