Radical Song Lyrics by the Goo Goo Dolls

As part of the 2003 FFP birthday celebration, fans shared what they consider to be political statements in Goo songs. Unfortunately, we didn't keep track of who each comment is from! Sorry!

whole songs

it only takes a second to make a change that's gonna last.
(up, up, up)

Yeah I got caught in the ruse of the world
It's just a promise no one ever keeps
And now it's changing while we sleep
And no one can see
(truth is a whisper)

'Cause all we are is what we're told and most of that's been
lies, it's like a made for TV movie and I just blew my line.
(On The Lie)

Now you're a supermarket punk rock television comedy
Out on the scene
Yeah I bit down now there's no hand to feed
And all the beautiful images lining your walls
Pop radio screaming down the halls
Now you think you've found something real
When it's all about money and the things that you need
Live a big lie and they all believe
Now I just find that somehow obscene.
(What a Scene)

the world is still sleeping while I keep on dreaming for me... their words are just whipers and lies that I'll never believe
(Jim's Theme from Treasure Planet)

Don't worry bout today
And the words that you said
Shake the world from your head Least for a while
(Don't Worry)
Seems to me it could be a political statement because you're not gonna worry about the fucked up stuff happening to the country or the dumb shit the prez said, just try to forget long enough to make you happy.....

You're naked inside your fear
You can't take back all those years
The shots in the dark from empty guns
Are never heard by anyone
Never heard by anyone
Could be political because you are afraid of fighting in this war that you don't believe in, war isn't gonna solve all the years that were messed up and led to the war, people are shooting, but you are oblivious as to why....

Cry, don't cry out loud
Gotta bear your cross but never dream too loud
And you're tied, tied to the next time
You realize your crimes
(January Friend)
Probably not meant to be a political song, however this lyric can be interpreted in such a way... You can 'cry' or be anti-war, but you cant let too many people know, at least not the pro-war ones, you can believe what you want, but don't expect that anything is going to change, unless you make a stand, but you can't make a stand because you are tied by the damn republican government to fight their war for them, you know fighting the war is wrong, but they have you whipped....

Here's a letter from the real world...
(String of Lies)
To me this means people should be more pro-active in their lives and their place in the world and be less idealistic. This lyric to me can be interpreted on many levels -- personal relationships, work, volunteering, making government policies.

Broadway is dark tonight...
To me this lyric means anything that was once full of life and is now in decline. John sings about Buffalo in this song but it applies to my hometown, too. With a city's dececline economically comes decline culture, educational programs, and ultimately the human spirit.

Up yours, stop your whine...
Stop bitching about your life becuase there are people who are worse of than you. Americans can sometimes be so self-centered that they ignore their fellow Americans in trouble.