Buffalo, NY - The Goos' Hometown!

March 27-28, 2003

Peace Bridge

The Superstar Carwash (title of the Goos' fourth album)

Delaware Park (mentioned in Had Enough)

Robby's Recording Studio, Chameleonwest

The door to Chameleonwest

Rose, Raven, and Myshele in front of John's favorite pizza place

Albright-Knox Gallery (the Goos played there for a TV show)

Robby's college

In front of Robby's high school

John's College

John's high school

September 20, 2003

Edrick, Theresa, Myshele, and Shannon in front of a legendary Goo hangout

Myshele and Shannon in front of La Nova, another Goo hangout

Myshele, Shannon, and Edrick with some Chameleonwest art

Myshele and Shannon in front of a soldier dude

Miyoko with a PEACE ROCKS! sticker on her CD case

Robby and Myshele
(photo by Miyoko)