Fans at Demonstrations

Nellze, at a march in Minnesota, May 2004

Luke at a demo in Wisconsin, November 2002

Maria, Myshele, and Ellie at a march in DC, October 2003

Sarah, "Baring Witness" in Dallas, Winter 2002

Myshele protesting Bush's speech at the Coast Guard Academy, May 2003

International Women's Day, March 8, 2003 - Washington, D.C.

Women's Peace March
photo by Jo Freeman

Myshele and Krissy at the Washington Monument

Vigil by the White House, 3.9.03

The World Says No To War! February 15, 2003 - San Antonio

Carmen, proudly wearin' a GGD shirt

One of Carmen's photos from the march

The World Says No To War! February 15, 2003 - New York City

what if Iraq's main export was broccoli? - photo by Sam

sign sighting!
photo by Sam

crowds a mile back from the stage
photo by Sam

Erin, Diane, Myshele, and Chris
photo by Diane

contrast much?
photo by Diane

rock on!
photo by Diane