10.30.04 Columbus, OH
with Michael Moore on the Slacker Uprising Tour

Photos from the Gutterflower Tour & Earlier

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On Stage

3.11.03 DNC Fundraiser, Washington DC

9.05.03 San Diego Street Scene

8.25.03 Hampton Beach, NH
John & the famous "Bush" panties

8.11.03 Des Moines, IA
from googoodolls.com

8.4.03 Hartford, CT

7.27.03 Bristow, VA
from googoodolls.com

7.27.03 Bristow, VA
from googoodolls.com

7.26.03 - Philadelphia, PA
LOVE/peace sign shirt

7.19.03 Detroit, MI
shirt has a peace sign in the O - from absolutegoo.com - thanks Ree!

3.11.03 Washington DC
by Myshele

3.8.03 Washington DC
from googoodolls.com gallery

3.3.03 Albany, NY

from googoodolls.com gallery

2.11.03 E. Rutheford, NJ

12.31.02 Chicago, IL

unknown date on the Gutterflower tour

The person who took these pics was kind enough to e-mail me, and I promised to post her name and the date of the show -- then lost her e-mail! Please e-mail me again!!


With Fans

8.25.03 Hampton Beach, NH

from ashley

from myshele

from Candace

from janis

from melissa



9.11.03 one of Robby's basses, HOB - peace sticker from Ashley!

7.25.03 - NYC
Today Show

6.15.03 Buffalo, NY
Music Is Art festival, by shelley

FFP Book Club selection
signed by John, Mike & Robby 7.25.03

sign for the Today Show by Myshele
held by Edrick & Shannon
autographed by Mike, John, and Robby 7.25.03

postcard from NYC protest
signed by John, Robby, Greg, and Mike 3.11.03

from ragdolls world of goo

on the gutterflower tour

photo by Ros O'Gorman

one of John's guitars, 1996 - from Allison

one of john's guitars, dizzy tour