Fans for Peace at the Today Show

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When the Goos played the Today show in July 2003, the prospect of getting our peace banners on national TV was just too good to pass up. But a lot of fans for peace couldn't make it to the taping in NYC -- so we came up with a way to give everyone a chance to get on TV, AND make a cool gift for the Goos.

Over 30 fans sent in their photos, and we printed them out in 3-inch squares, pieced together in a collage and interspersed with quotes from fans about how the Goos have inspired them. The plan was to get right up front near the cameras, and the faces on the collage on TV. Some of us waited out from 10:00 pm the night before the show to get a good spot, but we ended up behind the VIP section -- still, our banner could be seen several times during the broadcast, and the collage got a split-second of airtime, too.

Later on, at the autograph session after the show, we gave the guys the collage as a present, signed by everybody who waited out all night. They loved the presents, and autographed an "International Fans For Peace" sign we brought as well -- Robby even added a Japanese flag at the bottom for his wife!

Nicole, Kristin, and teir frinend wiaitng in line (with the collage behind them)

Dizzygoogirl, Rockin' Robin & Mad Widow

Kathy waiting in line

Nicole, Kristin, Rose, and Myshele on the rail

Myshele, Kathy, and Zuzana after the show

Myshele taking a nap before the autograph session

TV Screen Shots -- the banner is visible, along with Robin's (sideways) sign

some of the collage on the left

Allison & Shannon on the rail

the back of the collage, with all the signatures (bottom right)