Organizations Working for Change

Here are some cool organizations to check out, doing great work....

Global Exchange

fair trade, ecotourism, human rights activism.

Code Pink
women's pre-emptive strike for peace.

United for Peace & Justice
grassroots networking and mass-mobilizations.

Move On
large-scale, mainstream statements for change.

Rock the Vote

getting youth involved with politics.

American Friends Service Committee
a really wonderful Quaker peace site.

American Civil Liberties Union

defending our constitutional rights.

Peace Action

RANT - Root Activist Network of Trainers
nonviolent direct action training resources.

Student Peace Action Network
nationwide student action group committed to peace and social justice.

The City Repair Project

transforming urban spaces.

International Society for Ecology and Culture
UK-based organization promoting locally-based alternatives to global consumer culture.

International Forum on Globalization
education and analysis on globalization, and promoting alternative infrastructures.

Earth Activist Training
a "unique, visionary, and hands-dirty" two-week training in permaculture and magical activism that's amazingly transformative.

Direct Action to Stop the War
they shut down San Francisco the day the war started with autonomous small-scale actions, and do great ongoing work.

Bands Against Bush
the name speaks for itself!

The Ruckus Society
throwing a monkey wrench in the plans of the corporate and military elite.